Is Latisse Better for Eyelash Extensions

by Jai Dethridge on

Latisse is a new drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to grow eyelashes. Latisse is the name brand given to the drug bimatoprost. This drug was originally developed to improve the effects of hypertension in patients. Hypertension can cause problems in some patients since it affects vision. The blood pressure in the eyes causes blurred vision in some patients. Physicians soon realized that patients had thicker eyelashes that grew from the medication. Latisse is now marketed as a cosmetic procedure as a way to grow eyelashes.

How to Use Latisse for Eyelash Growth

Latisse is a topical gel that patients spread over the eye, although it’s not a part of eye test in Nerang but it’s a process used for the growth of eyelash. Latisse was originally used to reduce the amount of fat produced over the eye. Latisse was discovered after the consequence of using the drug caused increased eyelash growth and lengthening. The patient uses the applicator once a day. Apply the cream to the base of the eye, and patients experience eyelash growth within several weeks of usage. It’s estimated that patients will grow eyelashes within approximately 16 weeks.

Why Women Want to Grow Eyelashes

The topic of eyelash growth is not very popular, but some women feel embarrassed or inadequate due to the eyes. The use of eyelash growth creams and topical gels have not proven successful. Women have wanted longer, fuller eyelashes as part of fashion. Artificial eyelashes have been a part of fashion as a means to increase eyelash length. Latisse is actually a byproduct of other experiments that were meant to help glaucoma patients. The initial use of the drug was used to lower the amount of fat deposits.

Side Effects of Using Latrisse for Eyelash Growth

As with any type of cosmetic enhancement, Latisse has side effects. The drug is applied on the eyes, so vision may be affected in extreme cases. The growth factors for the drug are not always specific to the eyelashes. Some patients experience growths in other areas of the skin. Some patients experience itching and irritation, which happens within minutes of applying the cream. This is the most common form of side effects when using Latisse to grow eyelashes.

The patient is instructed to apply the cream on the top of the upper eyelid. It should not be applied to areas directly on the eye or in the lower eyelid. Side effects of discolored upper eyes are typical when applying Latrisse.

Latrisse is a beneficial drug for those people who want to grow eyelashes. If the patient wants to enhance eyelash growth, Latisse is an excellent option. These drugs should be used in moderation, and always check with a doctor before applying any drugs to the eye.


Written by: Jai Dethridge